The Nurse & the Snake


A narcissist is a snake and you  are its prey. A narcissist, like a snake, will play with you before you become its next meal. It doesn’t matter how much kindness, fear or love you show. A narcissist feels no empathy and you will be devoured with no remorse.



smm3A nurse was walking to the subway when he was startled by a black, shiny snake writhing on the pavement, flailing about as if it were about to die. Frightened, he turned to run when he heard a voice say:

Young man, please don’t run. I’m about to die. I was in the back of a truck, in a cage that fell out. I was thrown under a tire and just barely made it out. I’m injured and without food and water I’ll be dead in hours. Can you help me… please?

I would like to help you, I like helping everyone. But you’re a venomous snake; you’ll bite and kill me. I’m very sorry, but I can’t.

No! I promise yousmm. If you help me, I will not hurt you, you have my word. I believe in Karma – and if you helped me and I did you wrong, I would suffer 10 times fold.

The snake’s eyes suddenly met the nurse’s, hypnotizing him.

The nurse said in a somber voice:

I want to believe you, but I know I can’t trust you.


Au contraire, young man. You have my word. I’m from the national zoo where they removed my fangs a while back; I couldn’t bite you if I wanted to, I have my papers, too. You can see for yourself, they’re by my cage over there.

He nudged his snout in the direction of a stack of papers; the RN grabbed them and read aloud:

BL Fangectomy: venom ducts occluded and removed, 4/4/13.

The nurse still wasn’t convinced. So at the snake’s recommendation, he contacted the Zoo’s veterinarian on speaker phone, allowing the snake to talk to the vet, who concurred with his story. The nurse still worried that something was a foul. But he couldn’t take his eyes of the snake for some reason; he was mesmerized by its beauty. For being a reptile that represented evil, deceit, and death… he was gorgeous.

zxxxxxxxHe found himself almost hypnotized by the snake’s eyes, unable to do more than stare at those beauties.  He didn’t want to oblige, but in an almost-dream-induced frame of mind he found himself dragging the cage from nearby, allowing the snake to enter, and then off they went. When he was able to catch his breath, the snake said:

Thank you, you’re truly a kind and – you’re an empath! And I owe you my life, I owe you everything for this, I love you, young man!


The nurse found this odd – he wasn’t used to compliments period, especially from snakes. And snakes don’t speak, snakes aren’t kind, so he was surprised. But he felt special, it left him rather impressed. This was so uniquely symbiotic he felt a spiritual connection with the reptile. Never had the nurse met a person – let alone a snake – that was so goddamn charming.

So he nursed it back to health, growing to love the snake a bit. In a week the snake was all better.

And the nurse came to trust the snake like family it seemed. By the end of the week, he let the snake out of his cage, and before long the two were even sharing a bed together at night; it was an odd mix, but the nurse felt proud: he’d extended love to something dangerous, something in need, and showed it unconditional love — and in doing so, he showed the world that stereotypes and vilifying others simply for what they are was wrong, as he and his snake managed to defy all odds and show the world that, despite their differences, and with a little love, the two had overcome all odds and were the best of buddies; or at least that’s what the nurse believed.



The odd pair enjoyed all their time together, watching TV at all hours of the night, laughing at sitcoms, getting riled up watching ‘The Price is Right.’

sdsd.PNGAfter a long, 12 (really 14) hour shift, the nurse came home and stretched out on the couch when the snake slithered up to him, asking,

Can you scoot over a bit, so I can watch Bob Barker with you?

Why of course, my beautiful, black buddy.

As the nurse turned to his side he felt the most painful sting he’d ever experienced.



What the fuck? You bit me! You were lying all this time? What the fuck, your papers were fake, and the man at the zoo lied, too?

To which the snake replied:

He didn’t do a damn thing wrong – I’m protected by HIPAA – even if I lie, he can’t share my personal medical information with you, he’d be sued, he’d lose his job.



You not only have fangs, but I know you have venom because my… my… my whole body is burning, its swelling… blood is gushing out of my skin. How could you do this to me, after I saved your life?

The snake stuck up it’s snout, venom dripping down it’s beak, and hissed back:

Listen, faggot. You knew exactly what I was when you saw me. I’m a fucking snake – a cobra, I embody death – killing is what I do, it’s ingrained in my DNA, this is my nature; and you knew this.

The nurse lay dying on his couch, crying, shaking in pain, agonizing in misery; he’d allowed the snake’s beauty to blind him. His vision was soon overtaken by darkness, his eyesight quickly growing hazy as his eyelids began to swell so much he couldn’t see a thing.


But… why? Why do this to the one person that has shown you true love? I wouldn’t have ever stopped – I am loyal, you had it made here with me.



I’m a fucking snake, bitch! This is what snakes do! You chose to believe in a lie for God knows what reason: you don’t get a brownie for that. I am what I am, I was born this way, just like you were born and empath fool. We’ll stay this way until we die, which is pretty soon for you!

The snake then slithered up onto the couch:

These butt ugly Barker’s Beauties are plucking my last nerve – they’ve had one too many a face lift, he needs to drop them all but he can’t; they always sue his old ass for sexual harassment when he tries. So fuck Bob Barker, and fuck you! I’m watching Judge Judy now, and you can’t’ do a goddamn thing except die.

The snake continued in his nasty death-rattle tone:


I thank you for all you did, and for this lovely condo I can now call my home. Now, prepare to get to know me from the inside-out, you’re going down my tummy.

He laughed as he began devouring the nurse.  The snake grabbed the remote and took over the couch as Judge Judy screamed in the background… he felt like he was in snake heaven.


The snake didn’t have a drop of remorse in his fangs. His snout smiled non-stop while he convinced the nurse to taste the forbidden fruit, relishing in the knowledge that it would lead to his untimely demise. The man was deceived by this snake in sheep’s clothing, and that deception, along with his trusting ways, resulted in his exit from life that day,  his body riddled with poison, his organs shutting down, and his vision being overtaken by the hazy darkness of death.

Just as Eve was deceived by a snake in the Garden of Eden, the nurse was deceived by a snake in his private garden, losing his home, his life, and everything because he trusted a very believable liar.


I experienced similar situations in my own life not with just one snake, but immediately followed by a second; these snakes were narcissists, so technically they look like human beings. But hiding behind the narcissist’s charming mask lies a snake that will play with you, even treat you well before ultimately sucking every last drop of life out of you. I brought on my own demise by trusting them when I shouldn’t have, even when I began to see red flags flapping in the wind. I’ve lost nearly everything as a result. Let my story be a lesson you can learn from.