The Stasi often used a method which was really diabolic. It was called Zersetzung, and it’s described in another guideline. The word is difficult to translate because it means originally “biodegradation.” But actually, it’s a quite accurate description. The goal was to destroy secretly the self-confidence of people, for example by damaging their reputation, by organizing failures in their work, and by destroying their personal relationships. Considering this, East Germany was a very modern dictatorship. The Stasi didn’t try to arrest every dissident. It preferred to paralyze them, and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and to so many institutions.

Psychosocial crime, and an assault on the human soul.

The service acted like an unseen and malevolent god, manipulating the destinies of its victims.

These make the FBI’s former COINTELPRO program, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program.

Cyber-harassment, destruction of families, non-lethal weapons deployed by the NSA, the FBI and DHS engaged in a sadistic and sociopathic gang rape session with hundreds of thousands of Americans — and yet neither the mainstream media nor the politicians will address it. Some might say, “but certainly the NSA, DHS and FBI and the private security contractors have limits, control mechanisms, and oversight.” By who I ask? The current program, which is being run like Zersetzung on steroids, is classified – as was COINTELPRO, the campaign revealed by the Church Committee in the 1970’s. So when people say “Not in our democracy, we are not like the Nazi’s,” your response should be, “they deployed a similar program against segments of the American population in the 1970’s, when our system had more checks and balances than it does now. But there is an exponential issue; in the 1970’s technology was not as developed as it is today. And thus we have cowardly thugs who hide in the shadows perpetrating horrors against the population which would make Hitler, Stalin and Mao giggle with glee. Where is the oversight? There isn’t any. Who controls these rogue groups, funded with the money from the pockets of American taxpayers? The short answer is, there is no control mechanism.

Organized stalking is a very serious crime as the aim is to cause the physical or mental death of a person, it is murder.