Invisible Auschwitz

Whenever life sucks, remember you’re going to die someday

– Oscar Wilde

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Imagine there’s a way to make you a permanent prisoner within your own mind, and it’s not a figment of your imagination, it’s real, but it only exists within the confines of your skull.

Imagine the existence of a force that can completely deprive you of your constitutional rights, your civil rights and liberties, your human rights, your reputation and career, and your finances and all sense of stability and peace, carrying out its attack invisibly, without anyone, including yourself, being aware of its presence. This force aims to rob you of your freedom and dignity, destroying your livelihood and all you’ve spent your life working towards, and assassinating your character for sport, all the while completely driving you crazy and leading you to look the part, as well.

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When you realize what’s taken place, your attempts to recant this to others leaves your appearing the role of “crazy,” as well as leaving onlookers convinced you’re crazy, too. You’re trapped by this force that no one can sense but you — and there’s no way out, nor is there anyone that can help you. How does this concept register with you? How would you feel if this was happening to you? Or do you feel nothing, since this might seem too ludicrous to be remotely possible? What if your unwillingness to contemplate something so bizarre means you’re choosing to live in the dark, setting the stage for a future of nothing but misery? Would you therefore consider this idea? Or would you just prefer to remain in the dark?

Ignorance is bliss, until one day you realize that ignorance is just plain ignorance.

Imagine being selected by this force as its lifelong victim, once you’ve been picked, there’s absolutely no way out. Life as you once knew it is no longer an option as someone chose to take it away from you for good. The odds of this happening are maybe one in a million, but somehow you’ve managed to garnish the worst odds in the universe in being picked; and you can’t get any help while you’re slowly being murdered, tortured, deprived of all your rights, freedoms and free will. How would you react? Would you be able to keep on living?

All the cards are stacked against you in this uphill battle. This force moves so quickly and has the knowledge and strength to thwart every attempt you make to escape it no matter what; you’re frustrated, you feel like banging your head through the wall only nobody will come to your aid, they’ve all been told to avoid you like the plague. There’s no way out of this incarcerated mind game: what would you do? How would you cope with this sort of existence, and knowing that this is the best it can get? Could you even cope with this sort of existence? Or would you give up?

Imagine this force was run by evil individuals, narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, the types of individuals who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others – and they could do so from afar without getting caught, they could set this up so the rest of one’s life was nothing but constant bad luck and disappointment only it appeared to be just random or else completely your fault? Imagine this force being so powerful it could garnish the support of others, who out of fear of being hit with it, would never dare admit it existed at all? Imagine that someone who has a bone to pick with you could do so invisibly, destroying everything you worked for in life as a form of extrajudicial punishment? This force lives above the law and the president, congress, nobody can even address this force – it’s the ultimate, omnipotent dictator, and it functions without checks and balances. Sounds like a nightmare, sounds like the perfect crime, only crime by nature is evil and therefore can’t be perfect. For something like this to exist would mean everything we’ve come to believe about our individual freedoms and inalienable rights was nothing but a lie, even our president and congress are just facades and puppets, serving to keep the people believing that civil order, convinced that laws, rules, and rights guaranteed by the constitution actually exist, when the truth is: they don’t. This force would represent the greatest evil in the world, this force would be the precursor for the downfall of civilization as we know it. Imagine you became aware of this force – what would you do? Would you speak up if it was happening to you? You likely would or else you’d have no chance at beating it. What if you became aware and it wasn’t directly impacting you, but based on what you can determine, it’s only a matter of time before it does? What would you do? Would you try and stop it’s advancement by fighting against the elements that are visible and can be proven that ultimately lead to exposing the rest which isn’t as tangible or provable? Do human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, and civil liberties truly matter to you? Or do you believe they truly don’t have any worth, and as long as you’re getting by in life just fine, say, like a German in the Nazi era, would you feel OK allowing others to suffer since you’re seemingly safe? That’s an important question to ask yourself. What I’ve discovered, as you’ll see, suggests that such a force exists and this force is being kept a secret by individuals in power – crooked, corrupt individuals in power – the last group of people you’d want in charge of anything, especially your life and your rights. I’m not here to support any conspiracy theories, up until one year ago I believed in inalienable rights and liberties for all. I believed there were absolutes that humans, especially in the United States, would never dare cross, and if they tried, others would quickly stop them. I was wrong… you might think I’m crazy, you might think I’m mistaken, but I’m not. If you take the time to read my story, and look at the evidence I’ve gathered, what it suggests is that we’re soon going to lose everything we’ve fought for hundreds of years to gain as a free society. Life as we know it is soon to end, and replacing it will be whatever the unelected elite, the power-hungry, sociopathic puppeteers of mankind have in store, and they don’ have anything nice in store for anyone but themselves.