That Person

Flying monkeys do the narcissist’s bidding. That’s what the smear campaign is, they’ll do whatever the narcissist wants. The narcissist wants them to go out and talk badly about you and spread lies about you or they’ll outright abuse you or to make you feel like you don’t belong. These are the people with no boundaries. They love gossip and drama, they’re addicted to that stuff. Typically what they’ll do is they’ll go out around town or in your community, maybe even your office, and tell everyone that you’re the abusive one or that you’re crazy, a criminal, a drunk, etc… They’re also going to play the role that they’re just “concerned” about you.

It was June 18, 2018, when I met the agent above about my concerns regarding Ben. It was during our conversation when she slipped up and, out of the blue, brought up matters with my job.

Your supervisor at work has been so sympathetic about your personal problems. But I don’t think you deserve a good, federal job so I told him to fire you.

I was shocked by her admission but kept my composure. She also chose the exact, same words that my supervisor used, which drove me up a wall with its insensitive alliteration: personal problems, so sympathetic, puke! What the hell was up with that? Why were they all using the same words to minimize “domestic violence” and “stalking”? This was ridiculous!

But with her admission, life in the Twilight Zone at work over the last year now made perfect sense. My supervisor had been in on this the entire time, which now explained why he lied about FMLA not being applicable to my situation, why he’d repeatedly prevented me from using an extended leave of absence to get the help I desperately needed, and why the meeting I requested to discuss organized stalking was instead used to tell me I’d already failed my Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) half-way through, advising me that resignation was in my best interest. Resignation wasn’t in my best interest, it was in his best interest, as he knew I was catching on and wanted to ensure he’d saved himself. My supervisor intentionally prevented me from using leave to hasten my mental health and work performance worsening because he’d been tasked with firing me at all costs.

The flying monkey does the narcissist’s bidding to inflict additional torment on the target. It may consist of spying, spreading gossip, threatening, painting the narcissist as the victim (victim playing) and the target as the perpetrator (victim blaming).

I soon found that I couldn’t log on to Ginrdr, adam4addam or even Craig’s list without soon being approached by a random profile referencing my job loss or matters with Ben and company. All this did was solidify that what I was experiencing was some form of cyber-Zersetzung for beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Those people would not leave me alone. How they knew who I was — with a blank, photo-less profile — was beyond me. And why were they hell-bent on convincing me they had nothing to do with me losing my job?

No one but me and my former employer should have anything to do with losing my job, especially not Ben’s police associates. I wonder who this could be, trying to convince me out of the blue that they weren’t behind my firing (and my hiring, and everything else that came in-between).

As soon as I mention “stalking,” I’m his with the straight-from-the-book derogatory remarks that claim to care about me so much that they’d love to take me for a mental health assessment… with their doctor, of course. Not to mention how the use of a fake profile trying to convince me that organized stalking is a delusion is counter-productive, don’t you think? Ben’s flying monkeys in cyber-land were coming at me from every direction, always appearing with spoofed GPS locations a few thousand feet away. This was really freaking me out to no end.

“Flying monkeys” are people that a narcissist uses to do their bidding. A narcissist will not attack you publicly in any way–which makes them look good–but they are privately telling carefully chosen people how evil and awful you are. They are experts at reading people and realizing who will make an easy target and a puppet. Narcissists usually choose other, lesser, narcissists who will enjoy attacking you… These flying monkeys then proceed to stalk you and report back to the narcissist. The worst flying monkeys will spread the lies the narcissist tells them privately by taking them public. The lies don’t come from the narcissist’s mouth, so they can claim they are “taking the high road,” but the words the flying monkeys spread are *exactly* what they heard from the narc. They do the narcissist’s evil, but make it seem like the narcissist isn’t really involved.

One night, I started chatting with a guy online. He gave me his number, asking me to text him, which I captured below.

At some point I mentioned my profile was photo-less because I’d experienced stalking with an ex and what seemed to be his friends in police engaging in organized stalking. It soon became clearer than daylight: this wasn’t a guy looking for romance. This was a guilty agent thinking I was a stupid child who could be easily convinced into believing I was wrong about it all. I got the expected responses immediately:

Did you have a very important job or something like that? Why are you so special that you think someone would invest this much time and energy and continue to do this to you?

He / she then encouraged me to go move and live on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere, which made me even more frightened that whatever they’d done to me was irreversible.

I showed him / her several examples of the surveillance being used to block emails involving this matter, but he / she insisted that it’s not conclusive evidence and that I’m suffering a psychotic break to believe in such things. Those very lines have been used repeatedly by this agent, and I wasn’t buying them this time like I didn’t buy them the first time these arguments were made.

The constant name-calling to suggest I’m crazy, psychotic and in need of psychiatric help didn’t further convince me that this was a guy interested in me romantically either, it only convinced me even more that I was absolutely correct.

My use of the other “n-word” has clearly resounded around the globe to receive the attention that it’s garnished. The damn word “narcissist” has irritated those people to the point of setting me up for slow-cooked murder, and he / she had couldn’t resist from underhandedly throwing it out there to suggest I’m the narcissist.

The agent would always bitch about me sending long text messages, refusing to read them. The response from this new romantic interest was coincidentally the same.

The fact that he / she provided me with ways of getting around the cyber-stalking with the use of a google voice number and VPN is rather telling. Despite telling me I’m delusional to believe in this, he / she had suggestions for how to avoid it.

I knew who this was, and it wasn’t a boy…

He / she was so insistent about me not considering other explanations for the bizarre series of events that took over my life that it could no longer be denied that this wasn’t the agent. The constant trying to convince me that my evidence isn’t conclusive, using all the same textbook lines used against targets of this crime was predictable. But I like his / her suggestion below about doing something good for myself, like eating cake or taking a bath.

I mentioned something about EMF radiation and my computer and he / she went off on me…

… while frequently reverting back into the mode of being sexually interested in me, as well as trying to not blow her cover and acting like a gay man instead.

I sent a few fake profile images, which apparently was his / her pet peeve. It’s mine, too, but I don’t flip out like he / she does and he / she is responsible for it to begin with! Seems a bit hypocritical to me…

He / she even used the non-other n-word below — Jesus fucking Christ! And these are the federal agents fighting crime in our country?!?!?!?

What gave it away more than anything was the potty mouth that reared its ugly head into our conversations.

When all else failed, he / she encouraged suicide:

As fucked up as it sounds no, I would say kill yourself. Because obviously no matter what anyone says you’re not gonna be happy with yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s quite clear who the crazy one is and who it’s not in this situation.

Oh look: the agent’s managed to infiltrate yet another website. This agent is clearly STALKING me to no end, and these profiles always appear within a mile of my home, so she’s intentionally spoofing her location to appear near-by… which means she’s stalking me.

Only now I’m the one stalking her she claims since I said hello first. I said hello because I assumed it was another gay man like myself, not her, and why she has to give it away by referencing my file and all that nonsense is counter-productive like everything else that’s been done. I’m certainly not the crazy one here, I think I’ve proven that already.