The Character Assassin

Character assassination is the premeditated murder of the target’s image, their good name, their reputation and ultimately their life.


WHEN a malignant narcissist abuses, be aware that the abuse includes character assassination – the annihilation of who you are as a person. Just as through murder a careful criminal leaves no witnesses, a malignant narcissist is careful to abuse on the sly and destroy the victim’s credibility in advance in order to “leave no witnesses.”

It takes extreme treachery to replace an authentic self with a false image of that person. Who is better skilled to do that than a sneaky malignant narcissist? Take a look at their lives: who they appear to be and who they really are. They don’t connect with reality. They live in a fictitious world of smoke and mirrors where appearances are all that matter.

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Narcissists only identify with their false image and they expect you to identify with the false image they invent of you. They NEED you to appear to the world the way they NEED you to be. It’s your life according to the narcissist’s script.

We are nothing but objects to the malignant narcissist who feel entitled to mold and shape us into their fantasy which is always about glorifying themselves and degrading the victim. But they also have motive. They are very invested in the way you behave because they have something at stake: malignant narcissists are continually engaged in post abuse cover-up.

The key word here is “behave.” Malignant narcissists don’t care what you think or how you feel or who you really are. You are an object to the narcissist. They only care what you think and feel insofar as it affects your behavior. And they will do whatever it takes to pressure you into behaving according to their script.

Like a rapist, the malignant narcissist commits violent crimes against humanity, and we are a witness to those crimes. The narcissist’s greatest fear is a credible witness. So, just as a rapist may use intimidation, blackmail, and threats to coerce the victim to silence; the narcissist abuser does the same. But when control tactics don’t work, the malignant narcissist goes in for the kill.

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Character assassination is the narcissist’s method of taking a hit out on us. The idea is to stop us from reporting their crimes to the authorities. Stop us from being taken seriously by the authorities. Stop us from taking the stand and testifying. We are the most credible character witness against the vile malignant narcissist, and they know it, so they retaliate like angry vandals smashing-up our most precious possession – our strong character.

Character assassination is about punishment for making the malignant narcissist look bad by comparison. It’s about condemning the victim to a life in prison for the crimes the narcissist committed.

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Character assassination is about the victim ending up with the reputation and the life the malignant narcissist deserves. Character assassination is about DESTROYING the evidence.

If going no contact is akin to placing yourself in the witness protection program, then what I’ve experienced is like being framed for a crime I didn’t commit, going to prison, breaking out and being hunted with a target on my back. The malignant narcissists will stop at nothing to make their target take the fall. Just as a criminal doesn’t want to do hard time, the malignant narcissist doesn’t want to face the hardcore reality of who they are. As a result, the fugitive of a MN cult is subjected to the same threat as any defector who escapes with a suitcase full of sensitive inside information that could bring down the regime.

Character assassination, smear campaigns and vandalizing the target’s image are tactics used by the malignant narcissist to avoid public shame of the truth.

The malignant narcissist is terrified of having their freedom taken away – their freedom to abuse and exploit others whenever the hell they want. They are absolutely terrified of being exposed.

Why are they so scared? Because malignant narcissists rely on using, abusing and scapegoating others to feel superior. And feeling superior is the name of the game. If they were forced to acknowledge their debts and dependencies on others (even if their debts and dependencies are through maltreatment) they would no longer appear superior. The malignant narcissist would be completely humiliated if others knew their limitations – that in order to feel good and appear good, they must make others feel bad and look bad. That’s a pretty pathetic existence.

Not only that, they would likely be punished for exploiting others opportunistically. So, malignant narcissists cover their tracks, becoming cunning and devious, concealing their true motives and actions as much as possible. This is where character assassination comes in.

The ability to project an image is relied upon more than ever when the narcissist is close to being outwitted and exposed. At this stage, narcissists become completely deceptive and extremely treacherous they can sustain whatever dishonesty they are guilty of while not appearing to be dishonest.

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If you have been on the receiving end of a malignant narcissist post-abuse cover-up/character assassination, then you know this can create terrifyingly bizarre scenes that make you wonder if you are living a nightmare. In fact, things can become so strange and surreal that if you were to try and explain what the narcissist just pulled-off, people would think you are tripping on psychedelic drugs.

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This is where I must hand it to those crazy evil demons; they create scenarios that are so inexplicable their victims are left tongue-tied. Malignant Narcissists will do whatever, and I mean whatever it takes to cover their tracks – including, inflicting MORE damage on to the victim. In fact, the narcissist’s post-abuse cover-up is always more destructive than the original crime.

The severity of the malignant narcissist’s crime is of no significance to the MN. Whether they get CAUGHT lying to police or snooping through your sock drawer, the gaslighting and cruelties they inflict to try and silence the witness, never match the crimes they are in the process of covering-up. In the malignant narcissist’s eyes, the victim is expendable.

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For example, the malignant narcissist mother doesn’t give a damn if she destroys her daughter’s life to the point where she ends up destitute and living on the streets, just as long as people never “believe” what the daughter says about her being a bad mother.

See what I’m saying? Their maliciousness reaches delusional proportions as they become obsessed with protecting their false image and ruining their victim so they can remain superior… and triumph. It’s very important for the malignant narcissist to WIN at all costs.

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